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Black Belt Promotions

JUNE 2019 Black Belt Achievers!
All the hard work has paid off, Congratulations! We are very proud of you.

4th Degree
Mr. Teresa Osgood
"I started Taekwondo in 1990 in Idaho and earned my 1st degree black belt in high school. After a long break I continued my journey here in Oregon in 2010. I currently teach one of the First Kicks Classes at the Sellwood studio and assist Master Brown in the other one. One of my favorite things about Taekwondo, is that it is family-friendly. I am proud to say that both my son and daughter are both black belts and attend class with me. I would like to thank my husband, Tom, and my kids, Travis and Taylor, for all their love and support, and Master Hawes, Master Vo, and Mr.Rohde for their encouragement. I also want to thank Master Brown for her guidance and support."

2nd Degree
Mr. Orion Souders
"I am ten years old and I started Taekwon-do in the First Kicks class offered at the Southwest Community center at age 4. Reaching the goal of achieving my 2nd degree black belt has been a journey that I could not have made alone. I would especially like to thank Master Brown, without her tutelage and guidance I would not be who I am today. I would also like to thank my parents for pushing me to do my best and alway try my hardest. They have always been at my side, have helped me to gand from tournaments, and have always encouraged me to set goals for myself. Trying my hardest is not always easy, but to accomplish my goals I must persevere and apply all the tenets of Taekwon-do."

1st Degree
Ms. Jessica Shelton
"I am a 46 year-old physical therapist working at the Providence Sports Care Center and specializing in golf and chronic pain. I live in Portland with my husband, Jeffrey Shelton, and my daughter, Sarah; both of whom do Taekwon-Do also. I love that my whole family can do Taekwon-Do together and that I dont have to sit on the sidelines and just watch. I also enjoy traveling, crafting and a variety of outdoor activities."

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Sophia Ohle
"Hi! I'm in 5th grade and take advanced math! I have been doing Taekwon-Do for 5 years at East Portland Community Center. Taekwon-Do has always been a place for me to make friends and make sure Im not a couch potato at all times possible! My brother, parents, and instructors have helped me become the person I am today. I like to draw and create art. I have been waiting for this black belt for a while and i am so thrilled that i have achieved something like this. Thank you to my family and instructors for helping me."

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Ella Ertischek
"I'm a sixth grader at Gray Middle School and started attending classes in 2012 at the Southwest Community Center. Taekwon-Do is a wonderful part of my life. Taekwon-Do has taught me to set goals, given me a sense of discipline and challenged me to be a better person. I would like to thank my family, Master Brown and the students in the class for their continued support."

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Tamar Cox
"I am 11 years old and I have been in Taekwondo for four years. From Taekwondo I have learned about self-defense and perseverance. I have made really good friends through my Taekwondo family. I like my instructors and I am looking forward to more challenges as a Black Belt. I want to thank my parents, Mrs. Master Brown and Mr. Master Brown, and all of the instructors for all of their help over these years. Also, thank you to Mr. Garcia for being such a great instructor at First Kicks and helping me learn how to teach the younger kids."

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Sarah Shelton
"I am an 11-year-old student at Maplewood Elementary, and am headed to Jackson Middle next year. I started Tae Kwon Do when Miss Elise Gorsegner encouraged me to join, and was the first of my family to begin. Weeks later, my parents joined me, and from there it has been a family adventure. I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for almost 5 years now, and am proud to say that I have proven that Tae Kwon Do has influenced my life outside of martial arts as well. I find myself more ready and awake at during school, electric guitar lessons, swimming, and other favorite activities. Whenever I hear the tenets, I always seem to come back to one tenet in particular; loyalty. Most often overlooked as the sixth tenet, loyalty means more to me and my life outside of Tae Kwon Do than any of the other tenets. Loyalty is a skill used in all cases, and I believe it is one of the most important skills you can use. Thank you to both the masters, who taught me all the martial arts I know. Thank you to my mother, for helping me memorize forms to perfection. Thank you to all the black belts, who have guided me through the ranks and gotten me to where I am today. Most of all, thank you to my friends, for support, encouragement, and the chance to work together to become our better selves.

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Elise Gorsegner
" "

Jr 1st Degree
Mr. Omar Elkohdr
"I am 10 years old. I have one brother named Hamzah. I have been in Taekwondo for five years, when I entered the class for the first time I felt shy because I did not know what to do. My favorite hobby is collecting cars and Legos. I like to play football, basketball,Taekwondo and my favorite basketball team is the blazers. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I would like to thank my mom and dad for standing by me and for driving me to Taekwondo classes for five years, and I want to thank Mr and Mrs Brown for encourage me also thanks for my friends for supporting me . "

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