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January 2019 Black Belt Achievers!
All the hard work has paid off, Congratulations! We are very proud of you.

2nd Degree
Ms. Jennifer Secord
"I started TaeKwondo at the age of 11 with my family. Tae Kwondo is and always has been, a part of my life, but I have taken lots of time off over the years. So achieving my second degree had been a long road 18 years in the making. It feels good to be back and stronger than ever. Never fully giving up on your goals is a very strong life lesson that I have learned since I have been back. I love the strength that TaeKwondo gives me, both physically and mentally. The way it helps in all aspects of my life. It has helped me relearn to set goals and allows me to remember how to live my life with grace and self-confidence. I would like to thank my instructor Master Brown for all of her confidence in my abilities. To Mr. Pedro Toledo for allowing me help instruct in his classes. And to my family, Master Shawna Secord my mother, Master Robert Secord my Brother and Mark Secord my father for their unwavering support in achieving my goals in Tae Kwondo and how is has led to my ability to retake my life into my own hands."

2nd Degree
Mr Ben Roux
"I began practicing taekwondo in 2008, and in the last decade Iíve participated in tens of tournaments, donned 11 different belts, and gone to hundreds of classes. Spending so many years devoted to any activity takes a toll and I contemplated quitting many times, but Iím glad I was able to persevere through tough times in order to experience great ones like receiving my 2nd-degree black belt. During this long journey, I feel like Iíve greatly matured becoming more self-confident, driven, and comfortable in leadership roles while also improving my physical and mental abilities. Iíd like to thank my parents, my peers, and my instructors for supporting me on this strenuous adventure and helping me reach goals I never thought I would obtain. Overall Taekwondo has bolstered all aspects of my life and I'm glad I joined such a large and loving community at such a young age. "

Jr 2nd Degree
Miss Isabella Neufeld
"??I started TaeKwon-Do when I was five years old, in the First Kickís class at the SouthWest Community Center. After about a year in the First Kickís class, I earned my yellow stripe, and was moved up to the General Assembly class. After I was there for a while, my Dad decided to join the class with me. After a while in the General Assembly, when I was a black stripe, I went to be an assistant Instructor at the First Kickís class, where I continue to improve my leadership skills today. I would like to thank the Master Brownís for all theyíve done to help me get where I am today in TaeKwon-Do. "

1st Degree
Ms. Lucie Flood
"Five years ago, I dragged my brainy child into his first Taekwondo class. As I watched him get stronger physically, emotionally and mentally, and became inspired for myself that perhaps it is not too late to realize my own life-long dream denied to me by my childhood medical misfortunes. I thank ALL my Taekwondo community for inspiring me and embracing me and each other in our learning and our growth. I especially thank Mrs. and Mr. Masters Brown for their guidance and patience, Mr. Garcia for his encouragement and friendship, Mr. Pillsbury for his helpful technique tips, Miss Neufeld for her patience going over my three-point sparring, and Master Vo for her sweet support I so needed in the end. I thank Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Sherman, Mr. Neufeld, and Cathy Douglas for their friendship and support for myself and my family. And I thank my parents and kids, Mr. Flood and Anna, for supporting me and challenging me. Both help me stay focused on my goals. I am dedicating my Black Belt journey to Dr. Bedrich Kulhavy, MD, in the old Czechoslovakia, for taking a chance on a scrawny dreamy girl that had to live all her youth stuck in a spinal brace and was expected not to move much for the rest of her life. Thank you for going above and beyond in your medical practice and encouraging me with ďyes, you too! can do anythingĒ. I wish you could have seen me now. "

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Aeryn Brown
"My name is Aeryn Brown, Iím 13 and Iíve been in TKD for 8 years. My favorite part of class is doing kicking drills with partners. I want to thank all my instructors, Mrs. Master Brown, Mr. Master Brown, Master Vo, and Mr. Rohde. I hope to inspire other kids in the future the way I was."

Jr 1st Degree
Miss Mei Walters
"I started Taekwondo at the age of 5 in first kicks class and then re-started at the age of 8. The past five years of Taekwondo have shaped who I am and have given me a community of support and camaraderie. Taekwondo has also given me confidence in myself and my abilities. I have learned things in Taekwondo that others might possibly never learn, and for that I am grateful I started this sport. I hope to continue with this sport as long as I possibly can. I would like to thank Master Brown, Mr.Master Brown, other student and my family for supporting me and helping me be my best. "

Jr 1st Degree
Mr. Owen Morgan
"I am 11 years old. I am a in 6th grade at Sellwood Middle Scholl. I started Taekwondo when I was 7 years old. I like Taekwondo a lot because it pushes you and gives you self-discipline. It also has taught me to set goals and reach them. I am proud of how far I am. I am proud to be testing for my black belt. Two years ago I was looking up to them. I would like to say thanks to my parents for giving me the opportunity to do this amazing sport. I would also like to thank Masters Brown."

Jr. 1st Degree
Miss Samantha Lindeman
" I have been doing Taekwondo for 5 years. Taekwondo has help me get more confidence, and helped with my leg issue. My favorite thing about Taekwondo is making new friends. I am thanking my parents for driving me to Taekwondo even ween they didnít want to go. Also I thank Master brown for helping me learn my forms, and helping with my stances. "

Jr. 1st Degree
Miss Madeline Pillsbury
" I have been doing Taekwondo for 5 years. I like doing Taekwondo. It has encouraged me to be a better person. I am in 5th grade and my favorite subjects are reading, writing, and art. The people I want to thank for helping me on my journey to where I am in life are my kindergarten teacher Ms. Leroy, my parents, all other teachers Iíve had (including Mrs. Master Brown and Mr. Master Brown), and last but not least my pets. "

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