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Each year Kirn's Taekwon-do has several tournaments. The basic premise for these tournaments is to meet students from other areas, to have fun, and to provide you with the opportunity to apply and demonstrate your skills.

There are two types of tournaments, major and friendship. The basic difference being, major tournaments separate female and male participants and in both the men's and women's black-belt sparring divisions the winners compete until there is a male and female Grand Champion. The awards at major tournaments are trophies as opposed to certificates at friendship tournaments.

All tournaments have three events, sparring, forms and breaking. Any student may participate in sparring and forms but you must be a brown belt before you are permitted to demonstrate your breaking skills. Sparring is an elimination process. Each match is one, two minute round with the participant scoring the most points or the first participant to score three points declared the winner. You will be grouped both by rank and weight/size for this event.

Forms are scored individually for each participant. You will be grouped for this event with all other participants of the same belt color. Each participant demonstrates their form in front of a panel of three black belts, one is the referee and the other two are judges. Once everyone has demonstrated their form the black belts will total all the scores and determine the winners. Breaking is scored the same as forms. A panel of black belts score each participant with the individuals showing the best technique and power receiving the highest score. Two separate set-ups are allowed in breaking and are judged on technical difficulty and number of boards broken. Juniors (15 and under) are allowed a maximum of two boards for each break.

For tournament schedule see "Events"

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