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Kim's TKD Portland


Our school wears the same uniform as all other Kim's schools the only exception being the back patch. Beginners wear a standard, light weight, white uniform which can be ordered through me at your convenience. (I suggest all students wait a short time to purchase a uniform just to make sure this class is what they expected and/or wanted.)

Purchasing a Uniform

The current cost for a standard light weight uniform is $35.00 and should be ordered from your instructor. It includes patches and white belt. The stencil on the back (our school symbol) will be added later at no additional cost. Once a Student reaches the rank of purple belt they are eligible to wear a heavy weight uniform. Current cost of a heavy wight uniform is $60.00.

Once a uniform is purchased it is to be worn to every class.

Uniform Presentation

Your uniform will be clean and pressed for each class. All patches must be in place as instructed and secured neatly. Any needed repairs should be made to keep your uniform looking as good as possible. If your uniform becomes unnecessarily soiled due to improper use or care I will discuss it with you. If the sleeves or pant legs of your uniform are to long they must be hemmed to the proper length. Length of the sleeves of your uniform should be: just above the wrist bone with arm extended in middle punch position. Length of the pant legs should be: just above the ankle bone when leg is extended in side kick position. The patches are to be placed as follows:

    Korean Flag:- Centered horizontally on the crease of the left sleeve halfway between your shoulder and elbow, red section of the circle goes up.

    American Flag:- Centered horizontally on the crease of the right sleeve halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

    Federation Patch:- Centered on the left chest where you would place your hand for the National Anthem with the fist facing down.

    Your belt is part of your uniform and you will be taught how to tie it properly. Your belt is never washed. To wash it would be the same as washing away all the knowledge it represents. It is treated with respect and guarded against unnecessary dirt and abuse. Do not throw it on the floor. Do not use it to play tug of war. Do not drag it in the mud on the way to class. While your belt is not a symbol of power it should be worn with pride, your belt represents all the hard work and hours of dedicated training you have willingly given to earn it. It also gamers you a certain amount of respect from both upper and lower ranking students.

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