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Class Rules

  1. No talking while class is in motion, only if the student has a question or has a problem is talking permitted.
  2. Student must tell of any physical problem to the instructor.
  3. Taekwon-do uniform must be clean and white with school patches on it.
  4. No Food or Drink is allowed in the Do-jang.
  5. Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed and no rings or necklaces are allowed during class.
  6. A student can participate in a martial art championship tournament only with permission of the instructor. A student may go to any tournament they wish but must have the instructor's permission to compete or represent the school.
  7. Taekwon-do student cannot teach anyone else Taekwon-do unless they have the instructor's approval.
  8. Tuition fee must be paid on time and promotion fee must be paid in advance.
  9. Taekwon-do student cannot demonstrate any Taekwon-do techniques to others without the instructor's permission.
  10. Taekwon-do student may visit any other martial art schools, but they cannot participate in sparring without the teacher's consent.
  11. Taekwon-do student cannot take more than one promotion test at a time.
  12. Taekwon-do must be adopted by the student as a lifetime exercise program.
  13. Lowest rank student is required to sweep the Do-Jang and clean it after every practice as often as possible.
  14. Taekwon-do student must say "Sabum-nim" or "Sir" whenever addressing the instructor.
  15. Taekwon-do student must be helpful to the community.
  16. Taekwon-do skill is not for hurting or killing, but to save people. It can be used in life or death situations only.
  17. Respect your instructor and never betray your instructor's trust.
  18. Be willing to exercise hard and try to enjoy Taekwon-do.
  19. Never miss Taekwon-do daily exercise.
  20. Taekwon-do philosophy is to become an honorable human being with perfect character and physical condition.

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